NSP63xx-HT Series

1 Brief Introduction:

1.Specially designed as hot air circulation fans used for Oven, Sterilization Units, Climate Cabinet, Meal & Dish Warmer, etc.
2.With a radial impeller (cooling fan) made of sheet steel and a mounting plate (heat shield) to set the motor away from the hot area of approx. 250°C.
3.High temperature-resistant lubricant is used for the sleeve bearings. The max. permitted temperature of the bearing (lubricant) is up to 200°C.
4.If the motor uses sleeve bearings, the motor must work with its shaft horizontally.
5.Motor with ball bearings are also available on request. If the ball bearings are used, the motor shaft position can be any (not only horizontal);
6.Motor winding insulation is Class H (permitting max. 180°C as IEC62114).
7.Stainless steel fan blades are available. Other special requirements are welcome.
8.Two types of fan blades are availble: Ø152*7P or Ø152*6P.

Outline Dimensions (All dimensions in millimeter):

Remarks: only the dimensions marked in letters are changeable as needed. Other dimensions are fixed.

Types of Fan Blades:  Structure Diagram of Hot Air Fan:

Technical Performances (tested under room temperature):
Specs Model
Rated Height Rated Suply
Rated Performances
Gearbox Reduction Ratio
Voltage Frequency Current Speed Power
(mm) (VAG) (Hz) (Amps) (rpm) (Watts) (Kgs)
NSP6315-HT7 15 120 60 0.42 1.300 26 0.75
NSP6320-HT7 20 230 50 0.26 1.450 30 0.90
NSP6325-HT7 25 230 50 0.30 1.600 35 1.05
NSP6330-HT7 30 230 50 0.33 1.800 38 1.20

Remarks: This catalog listed just some typical models. The performances as above are just for reference only.We can adjust our motor specifications according to what the customer needs. OEM & ODM are both welcome.

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NSP63xx-HT Series
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